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General Overview
According to our sages, Brit Milah is the greatest of all Mitzvot (Commandments) in the Torah. It is so important that Jews throughout the ages have braved oppressive regimes and harsh conditions to give their children a proper circumcision. What is it about this act that is so essential to Judaism? More Read More
Pregnancy and Birth
Science has already established that a mother's actions, attitude and mood during pregnancy have a profound affect on the development of her baby. From the Talmud we learn that this applies to spiritual matters as well. More Read More
Shir Hamaalot
The posting of Shir HaMa'alot (a 'song of ascents'), Psalm 121, in the newborn baby's view is a Kabbalistic custom that is said to arouse God's mercy for an easy birth and protection. More Read More
Before the Brit
A new baby is one of the greatest joys in life, but caring for an infant can also be highly worrisome for parents. To relieve some of the stress involved in planning the Brit, we’ve provided the following general information to parents in preparation for the Brit. More Read More
After the Brit
Caring for the site of the brit after the Brit Milah is very important. The mohel will provide complete instructions at the time of the Brit Milah; Here are some things to have ready at home. More Read More
The Bris Milah is a joyous, auspicious occasion, and many family members take part. Along with the baby, the mohel, and the parents, special honors are extended to the Kvatter, Kvatterin, and Sandak. But who are they? More Read More
It's the day of the Brit, at long last, and you understand the purpose and procedure. But what ceremonial aspects actually take place at the Bris? More Read More
The Kabbalistic aspects of Brit Milah. More Read More
There are many unique customs which Jewish families observe leading up to the Bris Milah. More Read More
Jewish Names
The baby’s Jewish name is given to him during the ceremony of the Brit Milah at the time the Brachot (blessings) are said. Parents should decide on the name before the Brit; Biblical names by the letter: More Read More
Brit Checklist
What items will I need in order to be ready for the brit? More Read More
Jaundice in Newborn
Jaundice, a yellowing of the skin caused by excess bilirubin in the blood, is the most common cause for a Brit Milah to be delayed. Causes of Jaundice include... More Read More
Of course, there will be the baby receiving the Brit Milah, the Mohel, and the parents. Also, there will need to be a special honoree of the highest merit, called the Sandak, who will hold the infant during the bris milah. Others include... More Read More
Jews have many different customs for the Brit Milah, including Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Chassidim. Find out about the customs common in your tradition. More Read More
Prayers for the Baby, Mother, Father, Mohel; Songs and other liturgy for the brit milah. More Read More