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The following is what you will need to bring to the Brit:

•Two chairs: one for Elijah the Prophet and one for the Sandak, on whose lap the Brit Milah will be performed (some bring one depending on their custom).

•Two tallitot - Traditionally, the baby's father, the Mohel, and the Sandak, all wear a Tallit during the Brit Milah. The Mohel will supply his own; If the baby's father and Sandak will be present, they should have their Tallitot.

•Three cloth diapers

•Three disposable diapers

•Pitcher and platter

•Liquid Polidine

•Baby Acamol suppositories

•Two packages of ointment

•Disposable drinking cups

•Sweet, kosher red wine

•Spices, for Sephardic Jews

•Iodine and gauze squares for care after the Brit.