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The people chosen as "Godfather" and "Godmother" are usually a husband and wife. The childís mother hands the baby to the Godmother, thus signifying her consent to entrust the child to G-dís care. The Godfather then takes the child and hands him to a designated individual whose honor it is to place the infant on the Chair of Elijah.

When the child is brought in to the area in which the Brit will take place, all present should rise and remain standing throughout the duration of the Brit. Only the sandak will remain sitting throughout the Brit, while holding the infant on his lap.

After having placed the child on the sandakís lap, the father then designates the Mohel as his emissary to perform the circumcision on his son. (The reason for this is that according to the Torah, the father himself is responsible to perform the circumcision on his son. However, since most fathers are not qualified in this Mitzvah, they are permitted to appoint an emissary to take his place. A concept in Jewish law pertaining to many areas is that "a manís emissary is considered to be equivalent to his senderĒ). After the father recites the appropriate blessings, everyone present says: "Just as he (the child) has entered into this covenant, so may he enter the covenant of Torah learning, marriage, and of good deeds."