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Shalom Zachar

There is a widespread custom to welcome the baby into the world by holding a shalom zachar. This is a celebration of the baby’s first Shabbos, it is held on the first Friday night after a baby boy is born, even if the Brit is to be postponed. It is customary to serve chickpeas, wine, and cake. Guests offer blessings and good wishes to the baby and his parents.

Vach Nacht (“Wake Night”)

Vach Nacht refers to a custom observed by the baby’s father, in which he stays awake the entire night before the Brit, saying special passages from the Kabbalah and Psalms. The father stays up all night to ward off any forces that may wish to disrupt the observance of this essential mitzvah.
On this night, it is also customary for small children to come to the family’s home and recite the "Shema" at the baby’s bedside, as well as “HaMalach HaGoel” (“the angel who redeems me”).