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From Eight Days to Eighty Years
Getting to Know the Brit Yosef Yitzchak Organization

Our generation has been blessed with outstanding organizations of good-will. Among them Brit Yosef Yitzchak stands out as an organization which gives Jews the outstanding opportunity to enter into the eternal bond between the Jewish people and G-d.

The Communist regime of Eastern Europe put in great effort to eradicate any sign of Judaism and to disperse the Jews between the nations. Circumcision was considered a grave crime, causing many Jews born into that generation to forgo this basic Jewish strong point . When the Iron Curtain was lifted many The eternal spark within these Jews was ignited and many Jews emigrated to Israel where they are openly keeping the Torah and its commandments. Others remained in the former Soviet Union, while others left to other countries.

Brit Yosef Yitzchak was founded with the goal to seek out, aid and encourage these Jews. to engrave the eternal bond with G-d in their flesh. And to become a complete part of the Jewish people. Our organization seeks out these Jews worldwide, explains and proposes to them the opportunity of brit. We then provide an expert Mohel in a medical clinic to do the brit. The brit is a heart stirring moment that fans the dying embers of a Jew into a flame of fire. Another Jew has entered the Kings Legions.

The organization performs the circumcisions free of charge for both older people and to the children in operating rooms in official medical centers by qualified surgeons who are specialists in their field.

A year ago more branches of Brit Yosef Yitzchak were opened in the United States among them in three medical centers in Florida. The Mount Sinai Hospital and Westchester Hospital and a private operating room with a surgeon.

The organization performs circumcision for babies all over Israel by expert Mohelís with a certificate from the Israel Health Department and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. They have already performed thousands of Britot. It is possible to have Brit performed by a Mohel who is also a surgeon in an accredited medical center. This service is graciously provided to all who desire a brit especially new immigrants and to needy persons.

Our organization is also equipped with a urologists who are specialists to deal with problematic cases such as Hipospdios, inflamed Pimosi, etc. The organization carries out circumcisions in the operating rooms of registered medical centers by experienced surgeons who are specialists in their field.

From Eight Days to Eighty Years

We are all familiar with the occasion of a Brit Milah, a ceremony performed for every Jewish eight day old infant. The infant is carried into the room and is placed on the lap of the sandak. The Mohel and the father recite the blessings. The child is given a name and the crowd gathers to say Mazal Tov and join the ensuing meal in honor of the brit.

The Brit Yosef Yitzchak Organization deals with circumcisions that are very different. We assist people from eight days old to eighty years old who request to be circumcised. An appointment is made at the earliest possible date (sometimes even on the same day) and the circumcision is performed under medical supervision in a well equipped medical center. After the Brit, a few family members and members of the Brit Yosef Yitzchak gather as the Mohel places his palms under the head of the newly circumcised, who recites the blessings and chooses a Jewish name for himself. Then the guests are invited to partake in a special meal in honor of the mitzvah. The meal, the mohel, etc are provided by the Brit Yosef Yitzchak Organization.

Extended Activity of Brit Yosef Yitzchak

The Brit Yosef Yitzchak organization uses every means in order to reach every Jew, wherever he may be. Here in Israel an operating theatre was rented from the Kupat Cholim. In twelve Jewish centers in the world up-to-date fully equipped medical centers were founded. Circumcisions were performed in over two hundred places worldwide, from India and the Himalayas in East Asia through Germany and France in Western Europe. In the cold of -30 degrees in Siberia to +40 degrees in mountainous areas, our staff of doctors and licensed Mohelís arrive to any point on the globe, sometimes even to places that do not appear on the map. Every day, advertisements are printed in Russian and other languages urging people to join in the bond with Avraham our fore-father.

Last year more than 3,000 Jews were circumcised, joining the over 25,000 who already entered the Brit of Avraham through our organization. Notwithstanding the great expenses involved Brit Yosef Yitzchak performs the circumcisions free of charge in order that every Jew, of every social standing, will be able to connect to the pact with G-d.

Among the expenses that Brit Yosef Yitzchak takes upon itself is the sending of packages weighing hundreds of kilograms containing equipment electronic games for the children, kosher food and holy articles like prayer shawls, prayer books, Tzitzit, etc. We are in need of assistance from people who know and understand the importance of our work. We need financial aid or any other help you can offer e.g. arranging transportation to bring the packages, the Mohel, etc. You can sponsor a Brit and become a Sandak. It is known that being a Sandak opens many opportunities and merits for people. Important Rabbis often send people to become Sandak in order to open the way for heavenly blessings. Become part of this unique organization and may G-d bless you with all you need.

Not A Day Goes By Without A Few Circumcisions

Our workforce performs circumcisions with great dedication. Day after day, around the clock and around the year, in every place and country in the world. We can say with certainty that not a day goes by without a Brit taking place. For instance, we merited to carry out twenty Britot for adults, besides the Britot performed for newborn infants, last Succos. One of the newborns was an infant from Thailand! Just before Simchat Torah, our Mohel left his family in order that the baby's circumcision would be on time. Although it is difficult at times there is great satisfaction involved in our holy work.

You Too Can Be Part of this Holy Work

We have performed circumcisions in the most faraway places, in the steppes of the Siberia, Thailand, India (for an Israeli couple) and in many more places. One very interesting place where we carry out circumcisions is in Israel in the medical center of the penitentiary Ayalon. After much effort and cooperation with the Rabbinate of the jail, we came to an agreement with the authorities, that any prisoner interested in undergoing circumcision would be taken from his cell to the jails medical center. We have already carried out tens of Britot for convicts. The penitentiary medical center looks like all medical centers only that its windows are barred. I heard one convict remark after his brit: "It was worth it for me to come to jail just to be circumcised and become a real Jew."

There is another story or an elderly man who, on Shabbat after the prayers, went over to the Rabbi of the synagogue and with tears in his eyes asked the Rabbi to arrange for him to be circumcised immediately. He had just realized that it is written "and in his resting their will be no uncircumcised. "How can I remain uncircumcised?"

It is written in the Kabbalah that there are three parts to the neshama(the soul). A man is born with one part, at the brit he receives a second part and at his Bar-Mitzvah he receives the third part. It is clear that after having brit done there is a special awakening in the Jew to keep Torah and Mitzvos. I have merited to see with my own eyes how at the Brit the Jew receives a part of the neshama. He simply looks more Jewish than before. Before the Brit we ask "what name do you choose?" There are those who answer , "the name I am called by now, not a Jewish name. This name is mine and it suits me." Immediately after the Brit, while still on the operating table, he regrets this choice and requests a Jewish name.

A sixteen year old came along with his mother to make him a Brit.. When I came to the part in the blessings where one has to give a name I said: "And his name in Israel is _______." I waited for the mother to say the name. She began to sob until she was finally able to say "Levi". After I finished the blessings, I asked the mother why she was crying. She sobbed: "This is the happiest day in my life. I am sure that my father in heaven is happy that I made him a brit." (The boys' father is a gentile)

What Is The Extent Of Success Of The Advertising Campaign Of Brit Yosef Yitschok?

There is great success in our advertising campaign. I will relate to you an episode of a sixteen year old boy who made Aliya to Israel from the former Soviet Union. He was lying in the recovery room after the circumcision. He had lived in Israel for a long period of time and wanted to be circumcised. He didn't know who to turn to. It was with this dilemma that the boy went to the holiest site for the Jewish people, the Western Wall. He had heard that prayers at this site will be answered. He didn't know how to pray from a prayer book so he said his own prayer with extreme feeling. At the end of his prayer he said, "Creator or the world! If you want me to be circumcised please give me a sign and show me whom to turn to." He had just finished his prayer, when some Chabad Chassidim approached him and handed him a pamphlet in Russian, explaining Mitzvot and giving our address.

Which Is The Most Interesting Place That A Circumcision Was Carried Out?

Birobijan. Stalin founded this autonomous state and tried to settle all the Jews in this one area. A yeshiva student from Moscow who was circumcised by Brit Yosef Yitzchak, asked us to travel to his city Birobijan. He wanted us to circumcise his father. We contacted the father by telephone and he organized a group of tens of Jews who wanted to be circumcised. They said that since Birobijan was established, no Jew was ever circumcised in Birobijan.

The Mohelís set out on this long journey from Moscow to Havarovesk (a nine hour flight) and from Havarovesk, a four hour train ride to Birobijan.

Birobijan is a city with 150,000 people, 10,000 of them are Jewish. The city is considered a Jewish autonomy which is symbolized by the fact that all the government officials are Jewish. Many street signs are written in Yiddish. Many of Brit Yosef Yitzchaks' Mohelís speak Yiddish and this made communication easier.

The Mohelís worked for four days, from early morning to dusk, succeeding in carrying out tens of circumcisions. Every day more Jews arrived and demanded a Brit. An especially moving story was when a local Jew who was helping our Mohelís, noticed on the street corner a fourteen year old Jewish boy. We stopped and the Jew asked him about circumcision. The boy became very excited and the next day, with his parents consent, he was circumcised. The boy became more and more interested in Judaism and convinced his parents to allow him to travel to learn in the Yeshiva in Moscow. He did so well in his studies that the Moscow Yeshiva sent him to study in a regular American Yeshiva. A few months ago, he returned to Moscow as a teacher.

If you have a name of a Jew who has not yet been circumcised, or if you want to merit to sponsor a Brit and become a Sandak, please contact us
Let's not leave any Jew behind!