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Study Says Circumcision Reduces AIDS Risk by 70%
Findings From South Africa May Offer Powerful Way To Cut HIV Transmission By MARK SCHOOFS, SARAH LUECK and MICHAEL M. PHILLIPS Staff Reporters of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL July 5, 2005; Page A1 More Read More
Male Circumcision and the Risk of HIV Infection
Epidemiologic data have suggested that male circumcision is a major protective factor against male heterosexual HIV transmission and may explain the significant geographic differences in the prevalence of HIV observed within sub-Saharan Africa More Read More
Male circumcision and risk of Sexually trasmitted diseases
Male circumcision is associated with reduced risk of HIV infection. This may be partly because of a protective effect of circumcision on other sexually transmitted infections More Read More
Penile cancer
Public health measures, such as prophylactic use of circumcision, have proved successful against penile cancer More Read More
Cost analysis of neonatal circumcision in a large health maintenance organization
The costs of newborn circumcision in relation to its health benefits later in life More Read More
Trial of male circumcision for reduction of HIV infection risk
Observational studies suggest that male circumcision may provide protection against HIV-1 infection More Read More
BBC Reports:
According to the BBC news network, The Government of Uganda, whose results at reducing their HIV infection rates have been hailed by the international community, seeks to employ circumcision as a protective measure to slow HIV infection rates. More Read More