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Elijah the Prophet
Throughout our long history the Jewish people have zealously guarded the mitzvah of circumcision, even during periods of religious rebellion and apostasy. Only once was there any weakness in the fulfillment of this mitzvah. It was after King Solomon's death, approximately five hundred years after the Jewish people entered the Land of More Read More
A Brit in Roman Time
Many years ago, when the Roman Empire reached the Land of Israel, decrees against the Jews abounded. One such decree forbade the circumcision of Jewish boys. The punishment was severe for those who disobeyed. Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel was the Nasi - the "prince" - at this time. More Read More
The Roman Decree
At the time when the Roman armies conquered and ruled the land of Israel they set forth three new decrees. Their intentions were specifically to target and destroy the Jewish identity. The decrees were; no one can keep Shabbat (Saturday) sacred, no one was allowed to circumcise their sons or keep the laws of family purity. More Read More
A Brit in a German Labor Camp
Each morning at dawn, the Germans would lead us out of the camp for a day of hard labor that ended only at nightfall. Each pair of workers was given a huge saw and expected to cut its quota of logs. Because of the horrendous conditions in the camp and the starvation rations on which we were supposed to subsist, most of us could More Read More