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Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation: Chief Rabbi of Russia

December 8, 2003

Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation
P.O.Box 8300
San Francisco, Ca 94128-8300

Dear Sirs:

Re: Recommendation regarding the Ezrat Achim Brit Yosef Yitzchak Organization

We have been working for the past few years with the Brit Yosef Yitzchak organization. I can attest that this organization circumcises any Jew, from any place in the world, who requests this service, yet most of the candidates of circumcision come from the former Soviet Union. All expenses are covered by the organization, including cost of operating rooms (from the age of 6 months, circumcision is performed in operating rooms), air travel, local transportation, physicians, medical equipment and supplies, and outreach advertising.

Thousands of circumcisions that were performed by the organization, including some holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union. This organization is by far the most prominent and largest organization that performs circumcisions for Russian Jews. Circumcision is a basic requirement of the Jewish faith for each male Jew, and therefore, this organization helps any Jew, and specially holocaust survivors to fulfill the commandment of G-d, and to become a complete Jew.

Since every male Jew is required to be circumcised, and since, as mentioned, the procedure requires full operating room services, and even hospitalization for elderly persons who undergo circumcision, I therefore strongly recommend that the organization be included amongst those organizations that receive funds from residual funds of the settlement fund.Through this, holocaust survivors will be able to fulfill their fundamental religious requirement, which was denied them by the Nazi regiment and their supporters.


Rabbi Berel Lazar
Chief Rabbi of Russia

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