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The Orthodox Jewish Community

January 18th, 1994

We wish to acknowledge and highly recommend the great deed of entering new Jewish citizens from Russia into the contractual Mitzvah of our holy father Avraham Avinu Alav Ha-shalom.
I would like to praise dear Rabbi Yaron Amit and Rabbi Mordechai Asher Koperman, who aside from bringing Jews closer to Yiddishkeit, have opened two clinics with all the needed equipment and have also taught the art of Brit Milah to orthodox doctors.
They have already circumcised well over 2,000 bínei Israel in the laws of G-d and Torah without pay whatsoever. These two great men have also sent mohalim with expensive equipment to perform circumcisions for our brothers in Russia, in spite of the very large expenses.
Therefore, we ask our brothers for help and support with great happiness by opening their hands joyfully and generously to participate in this great Mitzvah, G-dís holy work. By doing so, we shall all be blessed and prosper, receiving only goodness, and Mashiach right now.

Yisroel Yaakov Fisher
Binyamin Reuven
Avraham David Horowitz
Of The Orthodox Jewish Community

November 22nd, 2000

(Written Hebrew)
I would like to join my fellow Rabbis in praising this great holy Mitzvah, may all the participants and helpers be blessed with success and prosperity and all their hearts desire.

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