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Solomon Dixon

Dvorah is from a wonderful orthodox family in New York, but she had a problem. She was serving in the U.S. Air Force in Okinawa, Japan... and she's expecting a baby boy in December, with no way to ensure that he will have a Brit Milah.

Dvorah's brother-in-law, Eli contacted Brit Yosef Yitzchak, in order to make sure that his nephew would be able to have a proper Brit Milah. We contacted Dvorah, and the rest is history. Brit Yosef Yitzchak flew a Mohel to Japan to perform her son's Brit Milah right in their home on the Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan... on the last day of Chanukah. Dvorah named her son Solomon Yehuda.

Dvorah's mother, Rochel gratefully wrote:

It was a time of miracles: Eight days of oil exists when only one day’s worth is in hand -------Eight days after the birth of my newest grandson a mohel from Israel hops a plane to Okinawa to perform a bris milah ------

Hashem’s hand was at the helm of both miracles, Al HaNissim describes the Chanuka miracle. Let me describe the one involving our beautiful Solomon Yehuda Dixon.

Eliyahu Tatel, my son-in-law here in Lakewood, New Jersey, heard about an organization called Brit Yosef Yitzchak. He made the initial contact with a young man named Daniel Benjamin, who in turn called my daughter in Okinawa, Japan, and me in Lakewood, New Jersey. He spoke about this organization; this many- branched light of
Yiddishkite, that would provide a bris for my soon-to-be- born grandson. At the appropriate time, Rabbi Eisenberger flew from Eretz Yisroel to Okinawa to perform the mitzvah. He not only was the mohel; he was the sandek as well, performing the bris milah while holding the baby on his lap! He also gave a stirring ‘vort’ on the special merits of a bris on Chanuka itself. My daughter Dvorah and her husband Corey told me that their friends from the Air Force base came in their dress blues and were deeply moved by this most wondrous mitzvah.

When we recite Al HaNissim, we thank Hashem for his miracles and for sending his emissaries to help us champion the cause of all that guides us in Chai (life) and Emes (truth): the eternal Torah. This Chanuka, I personally want to thank Hashem for sending Daniel Benjamin, and Rabbi Eisenberger, two present-day champions of Torah. They and the Brit Yosef Yitzchak organization have touched and enriched our lives with their dedication and devotion to Yiddishkite.

May you be inscribed for long and healthy lives so that you may continue this tremendous work. Mazel tov to us all!!!


Rochel Leffler