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Vanessa Gold-Minnar with Joseph and Rabbi Gansburg 
Joseph Gold-Minnar

Little Yossie's great-grandmother had heard, all the way from Israel, of her great-grandson's birth in America, but didn't know how to help his mother arrange for his bris; Little Yossie wasn't healthy enough to have his bris on the 8th day. It was very important to his family for him to have a bris milah, but they did not know how to arrange one or contact a mohel, and weren't able to travel.

Miraculously, Brit Yosef Yitzchak was contacted by Yossie's great grandmother, and traveled to his home to perform the bris milah on 10 Aug 2006! Mazel Tov Yossie!

Yossie's mother, Vanessa, wrote us this letter:

To Brit Yosef Yitzchak,

I would like to thank Mohel Alon Razla and Rabbi Zalman Gansburg for taking time and coming to Seffner for my sonís brit. Thanks to my grandmother, they got a hold of me and came to my home to make things easier on us due to our vehicle being broken down. They brought everything necessary to perform the brit which made things much easier on us. They explained everything and answered any questions. I am very thankful for this organization because I had no idea how I was going to have this done in a traditional Jewish way.

Thank you

Vanessa Gold-Minnar