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Adolfo Alvarez Dole
Cuban Father and Sons Have Long-Awaited Brit Milah!

Adolfo is a 34 year old man from Cuba.
He arrived to the United States without having done a Bris.
Last Week Adolfo and his 2 children finally accomplished this mitzvah.
Just one week later he says he is feeling wonderful and is so happy he was able to fulfill this important mitzvah.
His Hebrew name is now Israel David

Thank You Letter Translation

Brit Yosef Yitzchak,

I want to thank G-d and you for doing such a nice gesture with me. I want to tell you that you did something so good and beautiful and that Hashem will give you all that your heart desires.

Everyday I thank our G-d for the great love he has towards each Jew in the world and that he allows people like you to continue to help other Jews so that they can receive and do this mitzvah in the name of Avraham Avinu, filling our lives with the pact of Hashem that He gave to our forefathers. Todah Rabah my brother.

Thank you,

Israel David