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Aryeh Moshe

Dear Rabbi Gansburg,

Thank you for providing Bris Milah for free to adults and children here in America. We were blessed to have our Rabbi put us in contact with your organization. The help and support we received was tremendous.

My son, Aryeh Moshe, was born in 1993. we lived in California and were members of the public television station, KQED. I saw a program that explained circumcision in a negative way and decided not to do it. Much later, we moved to Florida and met Rabbi Konikov at the Chabad Center in Satellite beach. My father attended his sonís Bris on May 3, 2004 at the Shul and we joined him there regularly for Shabbos. A miracle happened on October 31, 2004 at Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery. Rabbi Yaron Amit performed the ritual circumcising my son for free. Rabbi Alan Razla, Rabbi Zvi Konikov, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, and Dr. Jacob assisted.

I would appreciate if you could publicize your service so that other people do not further delay the covenant of circumcision. Everyone should know that this amazing Mitzvah is accessible to them. We are grateful to have benefited from your service and hope your organization has tremendous success.

Diana Epstein

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