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Omer Giraldo

Dear Rabbi Gansburg:

I thank Ha-Shem for your life and your work to help us Jews reconnect with our Jewish heritage. I thank Ha-Shem for you organization “Brit Yosef Yitzchak” and all the people involved in performing my Brit, such as Dr. Cohen, Mohel Amit and David and others for your personal involvement in guiding me in every step of the process, in such caring and blessed way; and also for the time and interviews; as well as for absorbing all costs and expenses involved, which I could not have done on my own. All changes for me on July 6th, 2005.

Although I had been lead by Ha-Shem some time ago to go ahead with having the Brit done, my scarce resources had kept me from it for several years. So it was a complete surprise to read the ad in “Israpost”. Baruch Ha-Shem I called and found you, and I finally have the gift of Brit!

I am from South America (Colombia), but have lived in the U.S. for most of my life (I am 62 years old). My mother was from a Jewish family (last name: Moreno, from Spain) and my grandmother (her mother) was from France (last name: Bonet). She had not been raised Jewish, for her mother died when she was a little girl. Since 10 years ago I am “Shabbat Shomer”, “keep kosher” and have been studying.

I am so very happy completed Jew, that I have my Jewish soul, that I carry the “Siman Tov” and though for some years I have lived as a Jew, and let other know it, I cannot describe the happiness the Brit Milah has brought to me, making me more part of “Am Israel”. I encourage other Jews who, for whatever reasons, or reasons, have not had a Brit yet, to have it done now. Please call R. Zalman. Better yet: I am closer to Ha-Shem, I feel at the gates of heave, and want to live in Israel, and now my name is not Omer Giraldo, but Omer Ben Abraham!

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