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Holocaust Era Survivor´s Son Circumcised at Age 61

Steve Dondalos from Greece celebrated a triple simcha at the age of 61 in Bal Harbour, FL. Dondalos, renamed Shimon, celebrated a Brit Milah, a Bar Mitzvah, and a Pidyon Haben.

The 61-year-old Miami University professor whose mother raised him as a non-Jew has undergone a circumcision after discovering he is Jewish. His mother fled to the "partisans" who fought the Nazis during World War II, and she then raised her son in Greece.

She named him "Stephen" and refused to circumcise him in order that he would not know his religious heritage. The professor, having learned his true identity, asked to undergo the circumcision ceremony because he said he did not want to die as a non-Jew. After the circumcision, the professor also experienced the "redemption of the first born" and a bar mitzvah, followed by a festive meal where he declared he is starting to observe the Sabbath and Jewish dietary laws.

At the time of the Bris, a teary eyed Shimon turned to Rabbi Zalman Gansburg , executive director of Brit Yosef Yitchak, and said “thank u for helping me fulfill my promise to my mother that I wouldn’t die like a goy without a Brit Milah