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Brissim in Far East Russia

Fighting sub zero temperatures and a fifteen hour time change Menachem Tauber, Donny Arkush and last but not least the Mohel Yeshaya Shafit are traveling around the Far East of Russia visiting Jewish communities and giving the men and boys Brissim.
The cities being visited by the Bochurim are Nachodka, Spassk-Dalniy, Birobidzhan and Khabarovsk. Afterward they will be returning to the U.S.
In Nachodka a port city on the Japanese sea, there were seven Brisim mostly for children who were in camp during the summer, the Brisim were done by the Mohel Shaya Shafit of Bris Yosef Yizchak in Moscow, the names chosen by the boys were Chaim, Shlomo, Aharon, Avrohom, Chaim and Avraham.
In Spassk Dalniy a small city of 100,000, known for producing 70% of the building material in the region, now most of the population are with out jobs so they spend a lot of there time making sculptures from ice which is brought from the Khanka lake, one Bris was performed in the boy’s house, who was named after his grandfather Yeshaya.

Birobidzhan the capital of the Jewish Autonomy, has a fledging Jewish center, Brissim were performed there too. Khabarovsk was the last city that the two bochurim and Mohel visited. They also spent Shabbos there.