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20 Jews from Sochi Undergo Brit Mila

SOCHI, Russia - More than 20 members of the Jewish community in Sochi, including both adults and children have undergone the ceremony of circumcision over the past month. Every one of these participants has now fulfilled the second of the 613 Torah commandments, having received their Jewish names.
A Mohel invited to Sochi especially for this purpose performed the Brit Mila ceremonies. After that, the participants joined their families and community members for a festive meal, where many warm wishes were expressed to those who underwent the ceremony.
Last year during the camp season, Moscow Mohel Dr. Shaya Shafit also visited Sochi, where he expected to perform 15 separate ceremonies in just two days. To his surprise, during the course of his stay at the 'Gan Israel' camp, ten additional children then came forward to express their desire to undergo the ceremony as well.