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Perm Celebrates its First Brit Mila Ceremony

PERM, Russia – Just eight days after Irina and Boruch Kabanovski of Perm gave birth to their fifth child, the boy underwent a circumcision and was named Pinchas, after his grandfather. This event represented the very first Brit Mila to have been experienced within the living memory of local Jews.
Virtually all community members joined in the ceremony, including Pinchas' 93-year-old grandmother, Sara Borisovna, who is still full of energy. The event was followed by a festive meal and a concert by Aron Zismanov, the soloist of a local Jewish band.
The Brit Mila ceremony, which took place in the 'Chabad Lubavitch Ohr Avner'Jewish Community Center, was performed by Mohel Dr. Ishaya Shafit of Moscow, who is renowned for having performed close to 3000 Bris Milas during his career.
"We are very pleased that their newborn baby could partake in this ancient Jewish tradition," stated Boruch Kabankovski the child’s father, following the ceremony.
"All of the participants rejoiced to another Jew coming into the community in Perm. This is yet one more positive sign of the rebirth of Jewish life in Perm," affirmed the city's Chief Rabbi Zalman Deutch.