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From a Bris to Putting on Tefillin

Last week, two Jews from Hamburg were circumcised by the mohel Rabbi Chaim Rubin of the organization Bris Yosef Yitzchok. Rabbi Rubin flew to Germany from Israel especially for the occasion.

During the bris of the first man, the local shliach Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky found out that the second man, who was waiting for his operation, had never put on tefillin in his life. Rabbi Bistritzky immediately brought out some tefillin and put them on with him. In this way, the man celebrated his bris milah and bar mitzvah on the same day!

However, that was not all. After the first man had been circumcised, it became apparent that he had also never put on tefillin. Once again, another Jew from Hamburg celebrated his bris and bar mitzvah on the same day.
(SOURCE:COL.ORG.IL) In actual fact, the whole story began some time before, when one of the two men, a university student, started to attend a weekly shiur in the local Chabad House. During the week of Parshas Lech Lecha, the shiur dealt with the issue of how Avraham Avinu circumcised himself. This was the first time the student had heard of the mitzvah of bris milah. Afterwards he spoke to the shliach about it, and was inspired to undergo circumcision himself.