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Salta’s Jews Participate in Shliach’s Simcha

On Sunday, Rabbi Rafael Tawil, the shliach in Salta, Argentina, arranged a bris milah for his newborn baby son. The circumcision was performed by the mohel Dovid Katsche of the Bris Yosef Yitzchok organization. The sandak was the baby’s grandfather, Rabbi Yaakov Tawil, who is in charge of the organization’s South American department.

A large number of local Jews were happy to attend the bris and share in the family’s simcha. The shliach of Tucuman, Rabbi Daniel Levy, spoke on the subject of the brocha, “Blessed is the reviver of the dead,” referring to the resuscitation of what had been a non-existent community for a number of years until the Tawils arrived.

Rabbi Tawil emphasized the message within his shlichus of bringing Moshiach, and how the birth of his son in the city symbolizes the family’s growing, positive connections with the Jews of Salta.