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Rabbi Amit 
Rabbi Yaron Amit
President & Founder

Rabbi Yaron Amit was borth in Haifa, Israel, with no religious background. After witnessing a series of unbelievable miracles while serving in the Israeli Army, Yaron Amit decided to return to Judaism (Baal Teshuvah). Yaron Amit soon decided to move to Jerusalem with his wife, Heidy, and four children, where he continued his studies and was granted Smichah (Rabbinical ordination).

While involved in numerous Tzedakah and Chesed projects, Rabbi Amit was asked to assist in raising funds for seven Brissim for newly arrived Jewish immigrants to Israel. After managing to raise the money, he was asked to help raise funds for another seven Brissim. With still more immigrants requesting assistance with Brissim, Rabbi Amit realized the extent of this ongoing need of world Jewry, and set about to establish an organization which would be involved in every aspect of the Brit Milah process, from funding to employing Mohalim to spiritual counseling, Halachic supervision, and Brit Milah advocacy.

And it was from these beginnings that Brit Yosef Yitzchak began.

Rabbi Yaron Amit's goal is still to provide a Brit Milah for any Jew around the globe.