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What Must I Demand of My Mohel?
You, the parents, who are about to circumcise your son, have the right to discuss all aspects of the Brit Milah with any prospective Mohel, so that you know if he is the Mohel who fulfills your needs More Read More
What Does Halacha Say?
The Mitzvah of Brit Milah is practiced today in many forms very different from the traditional practice. Many of these methods are simply not acceptable, according to Halacha -- Jewish Law, and render a Brit Milah unkosher, that is, invalid. Thus, for many Jews, this vital Mitzvah still remains to done. More Read More
Why a Kosher Mohel?
Are you concerned about the safety of your circumcision? Do you think that it might be safer to have a doctor do it in the hospital? Many people ask us this question. The truth is that in every aspect, a Brit Milah performed by a Mohel is better than a circumcision in a hospital; It's safer, More Read More
Circumcision Makes Comeback in Swaziland
Circumcision Makes Comeback in Swaziland Today, the biggest threat to Swaziland is not invasion but AIDS, and a study in neighboring South Africa has revealed male circumcision decreases the likelihood of contracting the disease. As news spreads, the surgery has made a sudden comeback in a country that has among the world's lowest rates of circumcision and the highest rates of HIV infection. More Read More
Medical Professionals Speak
Although we observe the precept of Brit Milah as a commandment from the Almighty, physicians and scientists around the world have recognized the many health benefits of circumcision. In the past, anecdotal evidence had to suffice, but today, modern medical research and scientific studies prove the many tangible benefits of circumcision. More Read More
Associated Press Reports:
Associated Press Reports: Circumcising adult men may cut in half their risk of getting the AIDS virus through heterosexual intercourse, the U.S. government announced Wednesday, as it shut down two studies in Africa testing the link. More Read More
BBC Reports:
According to the BBC news network, The Government of Uganda, whose results at reducing their HIV infection rates have been hailed by the international community, seeks to employ circumcision as a protective measure to slow HIV infection rates. More Read More