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Post Brit Guidelines for Adults

You have successfully undergone Brit Milah!

You should take it easy for the first three days, but not lie in bed continuously.

• You should avoid lifting heavy objects for the first 8 days.

• The only pain or discomfort from the procedure is usually caused by an erection at night; ice packs should be placed between the legs until the erection subsides. (Don't worry if you see a few drops of blood on the bandage for this is normal.) Tylenol can also be taken to relieve pain, if not allergic.

• Do not remove the dressing. If it falls off, wrap the area with new sterile gauze (do not wrap tightly). After 24 hours a new dressing is placed by the Mohel or professional for 4 days.

• After the 4 days, the dressing should be removed delicately. (You will see blue, black, and purple; don't worry this is normal).

• If the dressing does not remove easily, pour a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or immerse in a bath for about 15 minutes.

• After removal of the dressing, take warm baths twice daily (not shower), ensure that the bath is very clean. After the bath, softly dry and clean the area with iodine 5 times a day for 10 days. Stitches automatically dissolve; remaining up to three weeks.

• The circumcised area might swell or puff up. This is normal and will diminish in approximately 2-3 months.

• Hematoma: Blood coagulating under the skin after the Brit, a routine occurrence resulting from the anesthetic, usually dissolves on its own.

• You may notice dark red blood stains on gauze dressing. Disregard this as there is no need for concern.

• In case there is some oozing blood, apply new gauze around the circumcised area, and apply pressure for 3-5 minutes and bleeding will stop.

• In case of heavy bleeding, which will not stop with pressure, call the Mohel as soon as possible (very rare).

• After removing the bandage; clean the Brit area well with soap and dry it well.

For any problems or questions don’t hesitate to contact the Mohel at any time of the day or night.