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When Moses our teacher ascended the heavens to bring down the Torah, the Midrash relates that each archangel gave Moses a gift. When he encountered the angel of death, he told Moses if you would like to nullify my effect in the world just prepare this incense offering.

Brit Milah is in fact compared to this incense offering, as the Rabbis teach that the legs of the Sandak act as an altar and the Sandak offers incense before G-d. It is said that the “intoxicating” effect of this act on G-d is a showering of blessings of wealth and long life for the Sandak.

The Sandak is the person given the honor of holding the child/adult's head during the Brit. If the Sandak is a righteous man, he can help in drawing down a holy soul for the child. In fact, the child takes the good character traits from the Sandak and shares a spiritual connection with him. Since this is the highest honor bestowed at the Brit, many choose the grandfather or a revered individual to be the Sandak.

Participating in this holy experience as a donor or as the Sandak draws down a tremendous amount of blessings in one’s life in all areas, especially prosperity and long life. It is said that such a powerful experience empowers a Sandak with a special ability to bless others for a period of 24 hours.

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